Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How long does shipping take?

    • Standard shipping takes between 5-7 business days. Express shipping takes 2-4 business days.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    • We currently accept payments via credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Sezzle.

  • Where can I find promotions and updates?​

    • Sign up for our email list to keep up with promo codes, sales, and general updates. Occasionally, we also post updates on our Instagram page: .

  • How can I learn more about the ingredients in my products?

    • You can visit our “Ingredients" page under the Shop tab. There we have listed every ingredient in every product along with the main benefits of each one.

  • How do I update/cancel my order?

    • Please fill out the Contact Form stating your order number and reason for reaching out. If we’ve already sent a shipping confirmation email, we are unable to cancel the order.

  • How do I receive Free Shipping on my order?

    • To qualify for Free Shipping, your order must reach $100.00 before tax or shipping, and after any discounts have been applied. The discount to shipping will automatically be applied when calculating the total of the order.

  • How come the tracking number isn’t working?

    • If your package just shipped, please allow at least 1 to 2 business days for the carrier to update their site with all tracking information.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    • All orders ship within the United States. We do not ship internationally at this time.


  • What do you mean by “all natural ingredients”?

    • By all natural ingredients, we mean that our ingredients are not man-made or synthetic ingredients. We pride ourselves in using plant-based ingredients in their purest state to ensure our customers receive the products’ full benefit. Never toxic.

  • What are cold-pressed oils?

    • Cold-pressed oils refer to the way our oils are extracted. When oils are “cold-pressed”, they are extracted in a way that ensures the maximum amount of nutrients remain in the oil as opposed to using an “expeller-pressed” oil where key nutrients are lost in the process.

  • What does “Neem Leaf-Infused” mean?

    • Our Cloud Drip Growth oil contains dried neem leaves. Our oil concoction is mixed with these leaves for at least 6 weeks before being sold to ensure the maximum benefit from the infusion.

Products / Application

  • Can I use the Cloud Butters on my hair?

    • Yes, our multifunctional Cloud Butters can be used on your hair, as well as your face and body.

  • How can I use Cloud Butter on my hair?

    • Cloud Butters are great for slick-back and protective hairstyles. However, it can also be used in conjunction with your favorite leave-in to extend your wash n’ go!

  • How often should I use the Cloud Drip?

    • This depends on your hair, but we recommend 2-3x a week.

  • Is Cloud Butter safe for sensitive skin?

    • Yes! Our Cloud Butter is a scent-free butter that works especially well for sensitive skin. Additionally, we ensure our products are safely diluted no matter the scent.

  • What if I had an allergic reaction to your product?

    • We recommend you discontinue use immediately and contact your physician. They can provide you with details on what ingredient you may have had a reaction to. To prevent this in the future, always perform a patch-test on a small area of your body.

  • Is Cloud Butter good for oily skin?

    • Cloud Butters use ingredients that are suitable for all skin types – oily skin included. Of course, always use the amount you feel works for your skin.

  • What is the Beard Elixir good for?

    • The Beard Elixir targets ingrown hairs, itchiness, acne, and growth!

  • Do different Cloud Butter scents have different benefits?

    • For the most part, they perform the same function of moisturizing the skin and hair. The essential oils added to each product contribute to its effects. For example, the Lavender Cloud Butter helps soothe, while the Peppermint Cloud Butter energizes. For more information, please refer to our Ingredients Page.

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