Ingredients:  Organic Rose Hydrosol, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin (from coconut), Organic Hibiscus Petals Powder


* We ensure that all of our ingredients are high quality, natural, and cosmetic-grade.


Rose Hydrosol

Our premium Rose Hydrosol is great for soothing skin irritation and reducing skin redness. At the same time, the rose scent enhances the mood.


Distilled Water

Some benefits of using Distilled Water are that it naturally detoxes the body, improves the penetration of products, and hydrates the skin without chlorine.


Vegetable Glycerin (from coconut)

Our Vegetable Glycerin, derived from coconut, is great for hydrating the outer layer of the skin as well as providing protection from skin irritants. Additionally, it accelerates the healing of wounds.


Organic Hibiscus Petals Powder

Our Hibiscus Petals Powder is packed with antioxidants that are known to keep the skin firm, therefore providing an anti-aging effect. Its ability to help the skin retain moisture is another aspect in maintaining that youthful glow.


Cloud Dew - Rose