Shea Butter, Black Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Camellia Oil, Rosehip Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Hibiscus Petals Powder, Rose Otto Essential Oil


Contains Nut ingredients (shea butter comes from shea nut)


*All of our oils are cold - pressed, meaning they were extracted in the purest way possible. We ensure that none of our oils undergo any refinements or fractional distillation so that our products are packed with the most possible nutrients.


Shea Butter 

The high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins in our premium Shea Butter makes this ingredient ideal for softening skin, improving elasticity and treating acne / blemishes.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is excellent for skin struggling to retain moisture. Its moisturizing properties are great for redness - prone skin, inflammation and battling dry skin conditions such as eczema.


Black Seed Oil

The antioxidants found in our select Black Seed Oil assists in reducing inflammation. 

In doing so, it fades wound scarring, acne, and eczema. 


Rosehip Oil

Our exceptional Rosehip Oil is perfect for brightening skin while helping to protect your skin from the sun. Its collagen - boosting characteristics help to hydrate itchy skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.`


Red Raspberry Seed Oil

Our quality Red Raspberry Seed Oil provides UVA and UVB sun protection - found in many sunscreens with 28 - 50 SPF against UVB rays / 8 SPF against UVA rays.


Camellia Oil

Derived from the exclusive Camellia flower, Camellia Oil is magnificent for its anti - aging properties and ability to aid skin and hair in retaining moisture.


Organic Hibiscus Petals Powder

Our Organic Hibiscus Petals Powder helps reduce age spots and acne breakouts. Additionally, it helps reduce the loss of collagen in the skin.


Rose Otto Essential Oil

Our Rose Otto Essential Oil keeps the skin hydrated, protects the skin from UV skin damage, and it promotes healthy skin cell growth.



Rose Cloud Butter

  • Due to how naturally derived and ethically sourced our products are, you may experience a variation in color and/or grittiness from our shea butter.

    For external use only.

  • Use sparingly on hands, feet, face, body and hair.